How To Make Money With Clickbank

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How to Make Money With Clickbank

Clickbank is one of the most popular and successful affiliate programs on the internet today, acting as an intermediary between the customer ordering a product and then receiving it. Although the Clickbank affiliate program is extremely successful, it doesn’t mean that it will automatically happen for all of their affiliates, you need to follow a few simple rules so that you’re not one of the large percentage of affiliates who put in lots of work for little reward. It can work, you can make good money with Clickbank, but you’ve got to know a little about what you’re doing.

Choosing a Clickbank Product

The first thing you need to do is to choose your clickbank product – there are millions to choose from which can easily get you off onto the wrong footing in the first place. When looking for your product remember you need something which:

  • you are interested in – you are much more likely to do a good job of promoting something which you are actually interested in, than something which you know nothing about and care even less – it will come across in your marketing.
  • you need to find a top paying product – if you’re going to spend lots of your time promoting this product, you want to be reimbursed for your efforts don’t you? Right, so in order to find a top paying product just go onto the clickbank marketplace, and in the “sort by” field click on the “$ Earned per Sale” button. This is how much cash you will make on every sale.
  • it’s no good choosing a product which will earn you $100 per sale, if none of these products are actually ever sold is it? So, the next thing you need to find out is the popularity of the top paying products, “sort by popularity”. If any of the same products are near the top of both lists – bingo you could be on to a winner.

Promoting your Clickbank Product

OK, you’ve chosen a well paying, well selling product (or products) so the next thing you need to do is go about promoting them on your website. You know, the best way to do this is to actually buy the product yourself, test it out and write a review. People are getting savvy on the internet and can spot a phoney from a mile away, so if you actually know what you’re talking about it should come across and help with your cause. Simply post the reviews on your website and don’t forget to add your hoplink for each product, so that when someone clicks on to buy the product you get your share of the cash.

Promoting your Website

Of course, you need to get people to click on to your website in the first place. This can take time but it doesn’t necessarily have to take a lot of money. You can start with freebie websites and, if you do begin to see some success you can then start to pay for your own domain names and web hosting if necessary. Remember, it does not have to cost you a lot of money to become a successful clickbank affiliate.

  • Social networking sites are a great place to get the message across – especially if the product is about some topic which is near to your heart – gardening, animals, fashion, sports, cookery . .
  • Blogging
  • Forums
  • Pay Per Click advertising campaigns such as Google Adwords campaigns can be successful but will cost you, so you need to be sure that you’re only paying for clicks by qualified searchers who are likely to make a purchase.
  • Online magazine articles(ezine for example) – While they are often not too happy about blatant advertising, you are permitted to include your URL and direct people towards your website as long as they think you’ve got something worthwhile to say.


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